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 Mora Knives Hunting Survival

If you work live or need to survive outdoors you will need a  sharp tough knife that you can depend on.  All knives in this section are designed for hard work. Mora knives are recognised as the best value for money in the world. Keep one in your vehicle, boat, rucksack, belt, coat, toolbox, survival kit, medical box, - the list is endless.

 We are proud to be a UK MOD authorised supplier - we also supply P.R.I and U.I.F outlets for UK forces please contact us for service.

 Prosharp is a Mora knives wholesaler and authorised service centre - Trade enquiries are welcome.

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A Selection of our Products:
Camping Axe Military Green.
Length 322mm wt 500g

Axe head of black epoxy coated boron steel. Reinforced plastic handle. Leather sheath. Weight just 0.5 kg

Blade Thickness: 6mm
Blade Length: 115mm
Total Length: 322mm
Net Weight: 0,5 kg

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Mora 541 Marine Rescue serrated Stainless
100mm/4 inch


Knife with a patterned grip and serrated blade that has been developed for cutting rope, nylon and fibre.

Impact resistant black handle with substantial finger protection, black plastic sheath.

The blade has a blunt safety tip. Blade of Swedish cold-rolled special stainless steel.

Safety knife with blunt tip and serrated edge.

Blade Thickness: 2,0mm
Blade Length: 100mm
Net Weight: 0,097kg

An ideal knife for cutting easily through all types of rope or webbing in an emergency . The blunt tip and plenty of finger guard saves cut fingers and stab injuries. Used by divers clearing fouled propellers etc. Also used by fishermen when mending mono filament nets and general work with new types of cordage.

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Mora 860F Companion Fluorescent, stainless steel
100mm/4 inch

Patterned orange high friction high vis grip handle. Blade of 2.5mm 12c27 Swedish Sandvik stainless steel sharpened to an extreme edge that lasts and is easily sharpened

Tough fluorescent orange plastic sheath with belt clip. Difficult to loose in the snow or woods.

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Mora 860mg Companion stainless steel

NEW 860MG Companion UPGRADED thicker steel 2.5mm giving even more tensile strength, grippy elastomer handle giving more grip.

High friction grip handle. Blade of 2.5mm Swedish Sandvik stainless steel sharpened to an extreme edge that lasts. Tough green plastic sheath with belt clip. A very robust knife that is standard issue to the Swedish army and other Scandanavian forces. All in Military Green.

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Mora Bushcraft Black

A new knife in the Bushcraft family that with its black 3.2 mm thick blade is one of the most sturdy knives we have ever made . Carbon Steel blade with a black, wear resistant, anti-corrosive coating. The blade has sharp edges (corners) on spine/back for use with a fire starter. Blade length 109mm, blade thickness 3.2mm, blade hardness 57HRC. Edge angle 27°full Scandinavian grind, weight 160g

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Mora Bushcraft Survival Black

Bushcraft Survival Black 

Razor sharp with its black 3.2 mm thick blade is one of the most sturdy knives we have ever made. The carbon steel blade has a black coating which protects against corrosion. You can use the back of the blade with the fire starter. The spine of the blade is sharp, ground especially for that purpose. The robust sheath is provided with a well thought out space for the firesteel and completed with a diamond sharpener, making it easy to sharpen the knife blade. A knife that suits a tough livestyle! Razor sharp 3.2 mm thick black coated carbon steel. All-weather Morakniv® Fire Starter Integrated Diamond Sharpener. Two Belt Clips. Integrated Fire Starter Bring the Fire Starter on your outdoor tour and be able to light a fire wherever you are. Just pull the specially designed knife back slowly and heavily along with the fire starter. The sparks easily light your barbecue, paper, birch bark or dry grass. The protective coating on the steel needs to be scraped off before use. Sparks of 3000 C° makes it easy to light a fire in any kind of weather. Yield up to 7000 strokes. Illuminates even stoves and gas grills. Works in rain and snow. Since it has a strong spark, it can also be used as emergency signal.

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