Prosharp Sharpening Service & Sales UK

Prosharp Sharpening Service & Sales UK

Happy and satisfied customers, (please see the testimonial pages). Don't throw those blunt Scissors, Knives Saws and tools away. They are expensive to buy and to produce. Recycle by resharpening and servicing them with us and you are guaranteed to feel the difference, saving your money and the environment.  Resharpening is one of the few types of recycling where you will see a benefit immediately. The alternative is throwing blunt tools away, it's a huge waste of energy resources and your hard earned cash. Every one benefits if they use us so:-"Resharpen & Recycle!"

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Dakin Flathers | Bandsaw Blades & Bandknife Blades made to your individual needs: bandsaw type, length, width, thickness & teeth configuration.

* M42 Metal & Steel cutting.

* Carbon flexback for workshop wood industrial or hobby & food production sections.

* Ripper for primary wood processing applications on all types of machines.

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Prosharp Sharpening Service is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and has successfully served industry using our expertise and knowledge of cutting blades sharpening and associated machinery since 1997.

We advise an extensive and varied customer base, these include Multinational Industries, British Forces, Professional Trades, Organisations, Crafts people and individuals.

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A selection of testimonials:

Tom, Thank you for a very speedy turn around of our kitchen knives. It is now a joy to be slicing and dicing in the kitchen at Christmas time and my ability to produce thin slices off the ham has improved considerably. As your web site says, a sharp knife is a thing of joy - I agree totally and will be recommending you to all. Many thanks, Tim Douglas-Riley (Dr)

Tim Douglas-Riley (Dr)

Hi Tom sorry its I didn't reply sooner. Just wanted to say the scissors I bought from you are excellent, i'd would certainly recommend everyone to you, and the delivery was very fast. Constantia Thanks, Constantia bought TRI classic scissors a good choice.

Constantia Georgio Kent

Great reliabilityof service at an affordable cost. Friendly service too. Thanks Tom Westcountry blinds

West Country Blinds D.Tague

I can't believe I have spent so many years chopping and preparing food with such blunt knives. Thank you for an incredibly fast and efficient service. I wish I had known about you years ago. Regards Julie (Stokesley)

Julie (Stokesley)

Thank you very much for the quick and excellent service. We had trouble finding a company that would sharpen pinking shears for us and do it quickly and efficiently. They are all in a great condition to use now, good as new. Thank you so much, and we will be using you again. Eloise Smith, Royal Opera House Production Costume Department

Royal Opera House Production Costume Department - Covent Garden

Hello Tom Many thanks for brilliant and quick service. Will definitely be using you again. Regards Jean Clayton

Jean Clayton

Hope all is well with you. Sorry not been able to reply earlier since the arrival of my knives. Thank you ever so much ..they look and cut like brand new!! Really appreciate the excellent service and prompt postage. I will be recommending you to my family and friends. Thank you once again! Five star service.. Gerol Williams

Gerol Williams - Stockport

Hi, just a quick email to say that I just received my order for two Mora kitchen knives. They are great and amazing value. Very quick delivery too. Many thanks! I have posted in British Blades about it. I hope you get a lot more sales: Best regards, Marc


Dear Tom, Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful on my shares, I could hardly believe it is the same one that I have sent. The service was amazing. Thank you would definitely use you again and will pass you on to my friends. Annette

Annette Rffllle

My support to you; Thank-you so much for your recent sharpening of my wife's pinking shears. She was going to throw them away - they were her Gran's! - as she'd become disillusioned by them. Your service was so good that I'm now sending you her other pair - whhich were her Mum's - which she'll then give to her niece, thus keeping them all in the family. Brilliant service, both sharpening & delivery. Thanks again, Phil.

Phil - Hampshire



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