Prosharp Sharpening Service & Sales UK

Prosharp Sharpening Service & Sales UK

Happy and satisfied customers, (please see the testimonial pages). Don't throw those blunt Scissors, Knives Saws and tools away. They are expensive to buy and to produce. Recycle by resharpening and servicing them with us and you are guaranteed to feel the difference, saving your money and the environment.  Resharpening is one of the few types of recycling where you will see a benefit immediately. The alternative is throwing blunt tools away, it's a huge waste of energy resources and your hard earned cash. Every one benefits if they use us so:-"Resharpen & Recycle!"

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Dakin Flathers | Bandsaw Blades & Bandknife Blades made to your individual needs: bandsaw type, length, width, thickness & teeth configuration.

* M42 Metal & Steel cutting.

* Carbon flexback for workshop wood industrial or hobby & food production sections.

* Ripper for primary wood processing applications on all types of machines.

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Prosharp Sharpening Service is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and has successfully served industry using our expertise and knowledge of cutting blades sharpening and associated machinery since 1997.

We advise an extensive and varied customer base, these include Multinational Industries, British Forces, Professional Trades, Organisations, Crafts people and individuals.

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A selection of testimonials:

Dear Tom Thank you for sharpening our pinking shears. We did not realise it was possible and were going to throw them away! The service was brilliant and they were returned rapidly. No doubt we will speak again. Clare

Woodstock designs Ltd London

Tom Picture the scene:- at the very last minute, my overworked partner & I manage to book a holiday cottage in Cornwall for the May Bank Holiday weekend. With a mad rush to catch the train, I run out of time to post my scissors to you from my home in a grim corner of Essex. That's how they ended up being posted from Newlyn on Saturday morning (ah, yes, the day it didn't pour down all day!). Although, I guess I could just have chucked them out of the train window as we passed through Hayle.... Anyway, you've done a great job of making them good as new again and got them back to me very speedily indeed, so I'm a happy snipper once more. Thank you very much and I'll certainly remember to use you next time. regards Su

Su Essex

Hi Just wanted to say thanks for the amazingly speedy return of my scissors. They are wonderful,like using a new pair!They had been badly sharpened before (obviously not by you!)and I'd thought they may be beyond repair.I have told everyone at work about you and I think several pairs of scissors may be coming your way for sharpening very soon. Thanks again Tracey

Tracey Saich - Reading Berks

Cornwall Animal Hospital has been using prosharp for approximately 18months. The service we have received has been fantastic. Tom, the proprietor has always been very helpful to us. On occasion he has even worked on our equipment after hours at very short notice. The clipper blades are always delivered back to us on time and I have never had any reason to complain. Overall a quality service to be recommended. Many Thanks Vicky

Cornwall Animal Hospital

Hi Tom I am extremely pleased with the quality of your work, my kitchen scissors are sharper than they were new! and the knives are sharp enough to shave with!! Best Regards Ian

Ian Cooke Norwich

Dear Tom, A brief note to let you know that the sharpened draw knife has arrived safely. I'm a semi professional wildlife carver and am very experienced at putting on and maintaing a razor sharp edge on my knives and chisels. When I bought a vintage Sheffield steel draw knife, I did not have the facilities to regrind the edge so took it to a local DIY shop which advertised a sharpening service - the result was useless! Fortunately, I read about your service in the cookery section of The Daily Telegraph and sent the tool to you. I'm delighted to say that you have done a first class sharpening job and this was coupled with a rapid turnaround service. I will not hestitate to use your service again and will recommend you to others, Many thanks, GS

Wild life Carver

It's not often that companies exceed my expectations, but you certainly have done. I had a range of knives, some of which I'd tried to sharpen (badly) and some were one step away from being binned and Tom turned them all around (even the one which I'd broken part of the tip off!). £20 to have 6 knives back to pristine condition is a bargain that I'll be using again and will certainly be recommending to others....A job well done and turned around in a week. Thanks.

Stuart Lea - Congleton Cheshire

How fast was that? Seriously Tom excellent service.I only sent this Monday and it arrived back today thats less than 48hrs from the time I sent it.Really impressive sharp edge as well.I see what you meant about taking the finish off but it's a working blade not an ornament. The edge looks like a working edge now. Thanks very much. Tom 2 questions if I may. Has anyone worked on the back edge of the blade? And secondly in your email you mentioned info on simple knives used by the Aussie boy scouts and in other countries with a simple edge that you and your lads can easily maintain. This would be a great talking and training point for the boys on a meeting night. We sharpened a Gerber survival knife for Eddie and roughed the back for his fire steel.

Eddie - Manchester

Hope all is well with you. Sorry not been able to reply earlier since the arrival of my knives. Thank you ever so much ..they look and cut like brand new!! Really appreciate the excellent service and prompt postage. I will be recommending you to my family and friends. Thank you once again! Five star service.. Gerol Williams

Gerol Williams - Stockport

Dear Tom, Thanks for my super, sharp knives. You have done a wonderful job on restoring them to their former glory, and I won't hesitate to tell friends and family about your service. Best wishes, Marion

Marion - Norwich



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