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Sharpening Hairdressing Scissors & Clipper Blades

We go from strength to strength in this part of the business and have increased sales and servicing to include customers from as far away as Thailand the USA Canada and Europe, we have even had sharpening interest from Japan!! So we must be doing ok. Our core customer base is however firmly UK based and we look forward to continuing this service and intend to keep our prices keen with the minimum of fuss and bother to you.  We have been sharpening hairdresser's scissors since 1997. We can gaurantee you will not be disapointed please see the testemonials from just some of our delighted customers.


We had the good fortune to be invited to salon international. Reason for the invite was to meet and present some sharpened Joewell scissors to the Joewell factory sharpeners who visit and sharpen every year on the Betterton stand. We consider this an honour and were delighted when the scissors we had serviced were tested inspected and passed with a definative nod and OK by these absolute experts. We talked and showed an interest in their art and were rewarded with advice and the reassurance that our sharpening methods achieved the same results as theirs, razor sharp well serviced scissors.

We enjoyed meeting the Betterton crew and thank them all for an interesting and enjoyable day. We also met the top man of Dovo scissors from Solingen Germany, a nice guy and great scissors. We also met lots of our suppliers and a few of our customers (they know who they are).

Sharpening & Servicing  Groomers Tools

Dedicated specialised machines and over 18 years of sharpening and servicing all types of clipper blade large and small. We are recieving more and more of these blades and we ensure they are going back to the customer sharp adjusted, balanced and ready to work. All small blades are tested before despatch and we like to return them to you the same or next day. However things sometimes take longer due to the increasing popularity of this service. We cannot rush a good job and we encourage all our customers to plan their sharpening requirements in advance.

Knife Sharpening & Services for Kitchen tooling

More people being converted to sharp knives and becoming valued customers. Unbelievable but true, some people were throwing very expensive knives away because they thought they were worn out when blunt! Now they know different and are enjoying the benefits and cost savings and in most cases sharper than new knives. We have all benefited from articles in the Saturday Telegraph by Rose Prince who wrote an absolutely brilliant piece on sharpening and knife care, thank you Rose, you brought a lot of trade our way and importantly reached a lot of disillusioned knife users who had given up hope. We intend to carry on establishing ourselves as the service of choice for the discerning professional and home chef.

 Speciality Japanese sharpening by hand to an ultra sharp edge is available please ask.

We have developed a great working relationship with Frosts Mora knives of Sweden. Very sharp easily sharpened and superb quality at a great price. Brilliant knives for the trade or home user, either as single knives or sold in boxes of 10. We have also introduced Mora outdoor knives, which are robust and practical and intend to take this into importing and supplying to the retail and other trades. 


 We continue to sharpen knives slicer and dicer/chop blades and circular slice blades for the trades, specifically meat, veg prep and fishing industries.

Sharpening & servicing scissors & shears

We have been sharpening these shears and scissors since 1997. All types of textile user are catered for and we provide an extensive and probably unparalleled sharpening service. We also provide a complete serration option, if your shears need serrations we can sharpen and serrate these on one or both blades to aid grip of slippery or wet materials. Carbon fibre, kevlar and fiberglass workers find this essential. We can sharpen and service curved scissors and all blades are returned to you polished to a razor edge. We provide a service to all scissors or shear users from international companies, Royal Palaces, fashion houses, education, costumiers and upholsterers to sewing groups and desperate individuals.   

Sharpening Services  Saws and Tools

More users are sending tools to us. Industrial trade & hobby tungsten saw & cutting tool resharpening, from as varied a customer base as all wood & window trades. All textile trades to the industrial chemical, medical and carpet industries. We continue to sell and sharpen TCT saws and planer blades to industries all over the UK. We offer many specialised services so please ask if you need a solution to a sharpening or cutting problem. 

We will soon have bandsaws on site please ring for pre site prices and a quote



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