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A British Marine Commando
Ouch! That's sharp, just what I need. Tom says Pleased to help take care and keep safe.
A British Paratrooper
Happy with the knives and tools you sharpened for us excellent. We will be back for more when we are back. At last we have found some one who knows what we require. Tom says We are proud to be of service. Take care and make your own luck Lads
Bob Stevens
Thank you for the loving care you gave in restoring my ailing knives, oh what a pleasure to use them again. Keep well and wish you loads of business. Kind regards
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Dave Tucker -Surrey
Dear Tom - just to let you know the knife arrived in the post day before yesterday - that was fast! - and is in perfect condition - it's like having the new knife back again. Many thanks, Dave Tucker
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Eddie - Manchester
How fast was that? Seriously Tom excellent service.I only sent this Monday and it arrived back today thats less than 48hrs from the time I sent it.Really impressive sharp edge as well.I see what you meant about taking the finish off but it''s a working blade not an ornament. The edge looks like a working edge now. Thanks very much. Tom 2 questions if I may. Has anyone worked on the back edge of the blade? And secondly in your email you mentioned info on simple knives used by the Aussie boy scouts and in other countries with a simple edge that you and your lads can easily maintain. This would be a great talking and training point for the boys on a meeting night. We sharpened a Gerber survival knife for Eddie and roughed the back for his fire steel.
G Vigurs - Yorkshire
Hi Tom, Just to say that the knife you sold me with the edge that you serrated for me works perfectly and is an excellent replacement for the Fly/fishing/Falconry gutting knife that I have worn out over the decades. Thanks for your excellent service, guidance and advice. Best Wishes. Gus.
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Glenn - County Durham
After trying for weeks to resharpen my Fallkniven f1 3g with little success I finally sent it to prosharp and wow i can now shave the pubes from a money spiders balls!!!! Thankyou for you fine service which was fast,cheap and no problems will defo send it back to you when it needs resharpening again regards a satisfied customer:-) Thank you I normally use a razor to shave my money spiders :)
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Hando -Cumbria
Tom many thanks for sharpening my commando daggers they are now fit for business!! would have no hesitation in recommending your services Cheers Hando
Jeremy Andrews
Hello Thomas, sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I would like to thank you very much for polishing and sharpening my knife, you did an amazing job. I have recommended you to everyone I know . Keep me posted about the parang and I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Jeremy
Juliet - Aberdeen Scotland
Hi Tom, Wow! What an amazing job you did with my camping knife, it''s so sharp and feels new. I should have done this years ago, you have really cared for my elderly and much loved knife; I have full confidence and trust in your service and shall be using you again. Juliet (Aberdeen, Scotland)
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Matt - Hampshire
Thank you so much Tom, I've been sharpening for years, but I never got the edge right on my large field knife, so I swallowed my pride and sent it to Tom. I''m so happy I did, it's masterful work. And I wouldn''t hesitate to recommend prosharp and the legend that is Tom to anyone. Matt Thanks Matt now I'm a legend but only during lunchtime :)
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Mike Lindon
Thanks Tom! my knife is fantastically sharp =) its a pleasure to use! I will certainly reccommend you to my friends :) Mike
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Mr White, New Zealand Bushcraft and wilderness adventurer.
Dear Tom, just took a look at the Fallkniven blades you put a true convex edge on and I must say what an outstanding job you did, outstanding. Please find my testimonial written below: "I asked Tom to put a true convex edge of two very expensive swedish bushcraft knifes, not an easy job to say the least. Upon receiving the knifes back Tom had done an outstanding job, true perfect finish with a razor edge. Tom is a very skilled craftsman, and an expert in his field which today there are very few left. For the best sharping money can buy (also with the best customer service) Toms company Prosharp is the clear industry leader. Many thanks Prosharp keep up the great work. (Mr White, New Zealand Bushcraft and wilderness adventurer).
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Nick Jessop - Swansea
Cheers Tom, It just arrived. Lovely job. Looks very nice, and the edge is keen too. I will make sure I let everyone know how excellent your service is. Kind regards Nick
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Simon Jones (Stockport)
Hi Tom, the knives arrived in the post yesterday and I am very pleased with the work you have done, they are superb and I can see you have put a lot of time and effort into them, I won't hesitate to use your service again! thanks again, Simon Jones. We shaped survival knives from blanks provided by Simon an interesting job.
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Stewart Ward - River Breeze Sea Charters
Hi Tom, Just a short message to say tks v much for supplying the superb “skate winging knife” & the 2 pair of scissors so quickly. The knife has already been put to good work on my vessel “winging” Thornback Rays and the heavy duty scissors do a fab job of trimming the leading edges of the wings before skinning. no doubt I will be back for more when they get lost overboard. Kind regards Stewart Ward River Breeze Sea Charters

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We advise an extensive and varied customer base, these include Multinational Industries, British Forces, Professional Trades, Organisations, Crafts people and individuals.

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