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Fischer oval steel (fine cut)

Fischer oval steel (fine cut)

This steel is an excellent tool for keeping the fine edge required. Fischer heat treatment guarantees a hardness of between 62 and 64 HRC which makes it possible to sharpen all knives currently on the market. Coating - All our steels are covered with an 8-micron hard chrome coating. This micro-coating increases the external hardness of the cutting edges by 3 to 4 HRC. Magnetization An indispensable process which retains minute particles of steel produced by sharpening on the steels. This is to protect foodstuffs. Food jobs, butchers, canteens, tripe butchers, fish trades.


Special Offer
TRI Classic Elite 500

TRI Classic Elite 500
5 inch

Manufactured from Japanese stainless steel classic handle. Removable finger rest and finger rings. Silver tension wheel. Presented in a leatherete case. A popular classic and one of our best sellers,you get a lot for your money with this scissor.




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