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How to care for your scissors

It is very simple to care for your scissors. Please use the instructions as a guide and with a little care and very little effort they will last for a long time. The most important thing is not to be put off caring for your scissors because they are expensive. On the contrary they are an investment in your creativity and should be seen as a tool that is made to work. Keep them clean balance them and oil them on a regular basis and you will enjoy them while maintaining your ability to create and cut great hair. Please call if you have any questions and we will do our best to explain.

Clean the scissor

Dirt and Rust are the enemy of the scissor

Loosen the tension nut or screw so that the scissor is slack. Apply washing up liquid into the ride of the scissor. Open and close the scissor to work the liquid into the scissor ride. Hold the scissor under warm running water while still working the scissor open and closed, the water will get under the blades and wash the dirt away. A suprising amount of old trapped hair, oil, setting gel and lotion collects under the ride and corrodes and wears the blade. you will see this as it runs away from your scissor. Now dry the scissor with a cloth  and give it a blow dry to get it ready for the next stage, balancing. This simple washing if done at least once a week will not harm the scissor, on the contrary It will  increase your scissors working life.


Oil is your scissors friend

Lots of stylists think tension and balance are the same, a quick explanation  :-

Tension is tension in the steel of the blades it is put into the blade at the factory or adjusted when serviced, basically it is the bend or curve in a scissor, forged steel scissors cannot be adjusted with out risk of breaking/snapping the blade. Other steel can be bent or hammered so that the correct tension or curve is in the scissor.

The balance is how far the blades drop and where they stop or meet when the scissor blades are held open to form a cross +. One blade is allowed to fall and the blades at rest should look similiar to the picture.  Your blade are now loose you can tighten them slowly and repeat this step until they balance. So :-

Hold the scissor in one hand.

Open the scissor to form a cross + with your other hand.

Let the blade drop, see where it stops.

Scissors shut with a slap - to loose. (adjust tighten)

Scissors don't shut - to tight. (adjust  undo)

Repeat until your scissor looks similiar to the picture. Some stylists like a loose scissor some a tighter or firm scissor. Extremes of either reduce the life of your scissor. The blades grind against each other as the stylist compensates for slackness by excessive thumb side pressure leading to RSI and if to tight blades are damaged on the inside by grinding,. and even more RSI. So if this sounds like you it's in your interest to learn how to balance your scissor.

 If you find it difficult and they do not stay in balance long it may mean a full service or new scissors depends on how old or damaged they are.

Now oil the scissor ride with scissor oil not clipper oil or WD40. Clipper oil is very thin and is designed for use in high speed applications, your clippers. The thin oil attracts and allows hair to get under the ride of your scissor causing problems, WD40 sometimes alters the washer in your scissor making it sticky or hard basically the washer breaks down. The correct oil lubricates and protects by acting as a bearing between the moving parts and protecting against rust and dirt by forming a barrier.

Use a good scissor oil or  normal thin oil such as a SMALL drop of 3in1. Open and close the scissor a few times to work the oil into the screw or adjuster nut and then adjust the balance again if neccessary.

That's it scissors into a case to protect the blades when not in use and send for servicing every six months unless you have a problem.



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