Prosharp Sharpening Service & Sales UK

Prosharp Sharpening Service & Sales UK

If we sell it we sharpen it and lots more besides - please contact us for advice

Prosharp Sharpening Service & Sales is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and has successfully served industry using our expertise and knowledge of cutting blades sharpening and associated machinery since 1997.

We advise an extensive and varied customer base, these include Multinational Industries, British Forces, Professional Trades, Organisations, Crafts people and individuals.


Prosharp Sharpening Service & Sales UK

Don't throw those blunt Scissors, Knives and tools away. They are expensive to buy and to produce. 

Recycle by resharpening them with us and you are guaranteed to feel the difference, saving your money and the environment. 

Resharpening is one of the few types of recycling where you will see a benefit immediately. 

The alternative is throwing blunt tools away, it's a huge waste of energy resources and your hard earned cash. 


Prosharp Sharpening Service & Sales UK, resharpen & recycle! 

Every one benefits if they use us so:-"Resharpen & Recycle!"





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