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"A sharp Tool is Safe"

Regular maintenance extends the life of your tools and saves money

 Payment by cheque included with your item or paypal payment in advance (see the bottom of this page) or by email payment request sent to you on completion of your work by us. Also please see postage charges below.



All Prices include VAT.

Prices General

(Scissor length is the entire scissor)

Dressmaking, below 8 inches£6
Dressmaking 8 - 10 inches£8
Dressmaking 10 inch + (Fiskars orange handle types)£10
Pinking Shears (Not if teeth are in poor condition or are broken)£8
Embroidery/Nail (Includes curved)£4
Poultry shears£6


Prices Tailors

Normally heavier cast steel type shears such as - Whitely, Wilkinson, Mundial, Robuso, Wisse, Ernest Wright. 

Shears 10 inch to 12 inch long£14.40
Large bench shear 12 inch and over (includes big bolt)£18
Button hole/Draper/Thread snips£4.50


Prices Industrial

Fibreglass/Kevlar/Aramid fibre shears (includes re-serrate)£12
Leather/Rubber/Boot & shoe (includes curved)£8
Paper Hanger£8
Carpet fitter£8

If scissors are not listed please call for a quote

(Note) Serrations can be replaced/added on all shears as required. We also sharpen Eastman machine knives and other cutting blades for the textile, leather and chemical industries  please call for advice.


Post Charges

Please add to your total order for return postage Note 1000g/1kg =2.2lbs

Dimensions up to 35cm x 45cm x 8cm or 35cm x 25cm x 160cm

Weight up to  0-1kg please add £4

Weight up to  1-2kg please add £7

Over this size and weight leave post calculations to us., we will ensure the most economic and secure carrier is used for your items. Please send your items and await our bill by email. 


If you require urgent delivery or higher compensation in case of loss please consider:-

Special Delivery Prices. By 1pm next day (except Sat)

Up to£500 comp
up to - 100g£6.45
up to - 500g£7.25
up to - 1kg£8.55
up to - 2kg£11.00
up to - 10kg£26.60

Pack securely and please ensure tips do not pierce the packing and items do not move inside your parcel


Send them with a cheque/postal order made payable to Prosharp or pay online using the advance payment facility at the bottom of this page. If you are unsure of the cost leave it all to us and we will contact you with a price before we start work, then send you an e-bill on completion. If you decide not to go ahead we can dispose of your tooling or return to you at postage cost.
Send securely and safely packaged (to save the posties fingers) with your postage details to:-

Prosharp Sharpening Services
29 Prospect Place
Hayle Cornwall TR27 4LU


Total satisfaction without question

However if your tools are in a very poor condition we may have to charge extra (after a call to you first) or return them to you without charge having done the best we can minus a postage charge at cost. Sorry.

All tools in poor condition will be charged extra     X 50% XX 100%

Urgent 24hr work charged @ 50% extra



Place your Scissor sharpening request :
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