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S- Steel Chainmail Long Gauntlet - a
(extra small)

Product details:

S- Steel Chainmail Long Gauntlet - a
(extra small)

Product Code: gxs68134

A Long Gauntlet glove with a sleeve of 190mm, will come approx up the elbow. Made from plasma welded stainless steel. Small button fastener for safety and hygiene. Patented tension spring design that ensures a safe and comfortable fit. These gloves come in sizes-XXS, XS, S,M,L, XL, XXL. Wash and care is rinse and remove debris, wash in hot soapy water., can be sterilized. If you think these gloves are expensive it's a lot cheaper than a cut tendon/artery. A rough guide to glove size is if you have a shoe size of 5 these gloves will be about right. No pic but same as glove just even longer.

Price  £162.00   (incl. VAT)





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