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Frosts Mora Food knives Sweden

Good ergonomic design is another classic hallmark of knives from Frosts of Sweden. They are solid, substantial, and feel comfortable in the hand when you use them. Frosts knives are designed for work, demanding high yield, well suitable for the meat fish and food industry. The range is extensive, allowing the choice of a personal favourite depending on shape, size or other requirements. A functionally designed professional knife supports a rational and efficient work process. The ergonomic design reduces the most common risks of injuries, such as repetitive strain injury and accidental cutting. Every knife is a result of know-how, in production of edge tools. We have been fulfilling customer demands for functionally and ergonomically designed products for more than a century. As Frosts Mora of Sweden goes forward developing the knives of tomorrow, we and our customers are reaping the benefit of our documented expertise in the field of professional knives. If you require more than one box we can negotiate prices.

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Boning knife Ergonomic black handle
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Butchers knife
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Chefs/Cooks knife
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Straight narrow fillet knife
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