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Dakin Flathers world renowned carbon rich super sharp - super strong patent welded bandsaws in the most comprehensive online ordering  system giving you unparalled choice to make your life easier.

These saws consistently out perform other well known brands by as much as 37% on test to increase your production time and yield

Choose from

M42 Metal & Steel cutting

Carbon flexback for workshop wood industrial or hobby & food production sections

Ripper for primary wood processing applications on all types of machines


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A Selection of our Products:
Bimetal Bandsaws M42 Cobalt

Bi-Metal M42 Bandsaw

These saws can be used for production metal cutting solid and profile sections and harder to cut exotic materials. The unique performance of every 37b blade is built in due to uncompromising matallurgical properties and manufacturing techniques by Dakin Flathers.

Significantly faster cutting rates - accelerated productivity

Patented design reduces tooth strippage - less machine downtime

Excellent heat and wear resistance - cut for longer and harder

Increased blade life - reduced production cost and blade spend

Minimal noise and vibration - health & safety friendlier environment

Laser straight accurate cuts with minimal waste - due to cnc toothsetting

Constantly out perform competitors by typically 37% on test.

Free delivery on orders over £65

From: £38.09    
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Flexback Bandsaws

Flexback High Carbon Bandsaws

Bandsaws in variouse widths band steel thickness and a choice of teeth per inch and sets are available welded to your required length. Rich Carbon Flexback, Hobby Bandsaw, Hardback carbon, Furnisaw, Friction saws Palletband and meat and fish production  Please view the use and application videos at the bottom of the page.

Typically 37% more from your bandsaw.

Superior cutting performance - cleaner accurate cuts

Expansive range of sizes and uses - always the correct blade for the job

Greater durability than leading rivals - increased productivity

Longer blade life - less machine downtime

Maximum operating efficiency - increases your profit

Dramatically reduced operating costs - saves you money

Freepost on all orders over £65 - usually next working day delivery

From: £9.82    
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Ripper37 Bandsaws

Ripper High Performance Timber Processing Blade

37% longer lasting Guaranteed

Ripper are a new generation of bandsaw blade giving you the ability to run the Ripper harder longer and with more accurate cuts straight out of the box taking less time and increasing your productivity. Developed with unique metalurgical properties precise grinding and setting with strong flexible welds giving maximum blade life.

*11%+ Discounts on 5 blades or more*

Freepost on orders over £65

From: £28.82    
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Available Brands:

Dakin Flathers Quality Bandsaws & Bandknives





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