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A Groom - Heathfield
Just want to say how delighted I am with my newly sharpened scissors. They are as good as new and I couldn''t have asked for a faster service considering we were relying on the postal service. Thank you so much. Annabel Groom
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Aileen - Chatham Kent
Hi, I''ve paid via paypal. Thank you for sharpening them. I will certainly recommend your service. Kind regards Aileen
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Anne Bruce - Glasgow
Many thanks for the quick delivery of my order of 2 pairs of KAI scissors. I ordered them on 16 March and they arrived today, 18 March, 2016.
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Annette Rffllle
Dear Tom, Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful on my shares, I could hardly believe it is the same one that I have sent. The service was amazing. Thank you would definitely use you again and will pass you on to my friends. Annette
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Anthony Delia ~ Rickmansworth
I am a collector of antique Gorham silver. I have used Prosharp''s knife sharpening service twice over the last few years. Both times, I called Tom in advance and explained the specific restoration needs of each item. Tom has always expressed genuine interest regarding each item, whether it was a hallmarked silver miniature sword letter opener from the 1800s or a sentimental pair of worn electroplated embroidery/nail scissors. Tom always offers suggestions on ways to achieve the best results. Tom is a true craftsman with the heart of a museum conservator. Prosharp has also sharpened, retipped and polished some of my antique pen/pocket knives and fruit knives. High Quality Workmanship, Great Customer Care, Excellent Communication and Lightning Fast Return Shipping! Anthony Delia ~ Rickmansworth
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Avril Brown
Hello Tom, I've just used the dress making shears that you sharpened for me. They''re perfect, just like having a new pair of shears. Avril Brown
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Barbara Gray -Glandwr Wales
Dear Tom, You are miracle workers there in Prosharp. I didn't think that my neglected scissors could be salvaged, but they came back to life after your work. I could see that you put a lot of work into them. Thank you very much. They are not just my dressmaking scissors, but are a memory of my Mum, as they were her pride and joy. I will not let them get into that state again. When I find my other pair I will send them to you also. Thanks, once again, and do add my comments to your customer feedback. I shall be singing your praises all over these valleys!! Barbara Gray. Tom's reply. Thanks Barbara shout loudly from the Mountain tops, pleased you are glad!
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Carol - Eastleigh Hants
Thank you Tom, just to say that I''m very pleased with the scissors I sent to you for resharpening, an excellent job, they''re like new. Kind Regards, Carol
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Chase Erwin Silk London
Dear Tom, Many thanks for the recent overhaul you gave our pinking shears. Our sample department are very pleased with them and are commenting that they are better than buying new ones. It was impossible to find another company to sharpen these shears, let alone at the very reasonable price or at the fantastic speed of your service. I wish more companies offered the excellent customer care of Prosharp and I will be recommending you to everyone I know. I have another batch of shears which I would like to send you for sharpening. Many thanks Richard Sheehy
Cormar Carpets Bury Lancashire
Good morning Tom, Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we where with the quality of service we received from Prosharp,we will certainly have no hesitation in using your company in the future Regards Paul Hamer. Tom says :- We sharpened industrial curved scissors for the biggest independant carpet manufacturer in the UK.
E Parkes Bexley Kent
Thank you for the return of my shears now in perfect working order. I am giving them to my grand daughter who has just completed a degree course in theatrical costume design so they will be very usefull to her. I must compliment you on the speed and efficiencyof your service. Sincerely E Parkes
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Edna - Cumbria
Hi Tom, Thankyou for sorting my ''Pink'' scissors out they are great I can once again cut straight. What a wonderful system you have and so quick I posted them Friday morning and received them back Wednesday morning, pity I hadn''t done that in the first place! But if there is any good come from a bad experence is that we Know where to get our scissors sharpened from now on. Thankyou again (Edna We corrected work by an unauthorised sharpener using our name)
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Emma - Cornwall
: "Amazing to have our clipper blades and grooming scissors back like new, thank you on behalf of the Cinnamon Trust ??"
Erik Roenne - Denmark
Hello Tom First of all, sorry for the late feedback: I have been extremely busy lately! Just wanted to let you know, I am now the happy owner of a new pair of Wilkinson shears. For me, working as a cutter in a men''s tailoring shop, my board shears are my most cherished possession. I also wanted to thank you for the sensible packaging - not always common practice nowadays. Best Regards Erik Roenne. Eric bought Wilkinsons 13.5 inch tailor shears
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Hampton Court Palace - Phillipa restoration
Company: Historic Royal Palaces Objects: fabric and pinking scissors We were very impressed with the quality of the service for such a large amount of scissors. Customer service was great, on the phone and in written notes. Staff were thoughtful and very helpful and our scissors now work perfectly. We will definatly be using them in the future.
Jessica - Essex
Hi Tom, Received my tweezers back today. They are great, nice and sharp! Thank you! I will keep your details for the future. Kind regards Jessica
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Jonas Lebert - Munich Germany
Hi Tom, some weeks ago I bought a book "The Victorian Tailor - techniques and patterns". The author wrote about one of the last makers of true tailor´s shears: Wilkinson. As I look upon myself as a true tailor, I "needed" those shears immediately and Google did the rest to get me to prosharp sharpening. Not sure about online-ordering such a high-price item in a foreign country, today I can tell you: Your service is excellent, especially the nice contact, the precise information about the delivery-status and the quick delivery. True shears, best quality. Thank you. Best regards, Jonas
Jonathan Weller - Plymouth
Hi Tom, Please feel free to put my feedback on your website, after all, it was reading the feedback already on your site that gave me the confidence to send you my shears - I’ve been using them all morning and they are great. Best wishes, Jonathan
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I can''t think why I didn''t do this years ago. My scissors are a dream to use now. Can''t wait for second batch to come home. Best wishes Kate Bryant
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Kate - London
Hi Tom Many thanks for sorting out my dressmaking scissors. I am very delighted. Best wishes Kate London
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Kath Pryce - Llanwlli, Carmarthenshire
Just wanted to say that your sharpening service is excellent in every way. Thank you for sharpening my pinking shears, despite them being rather worn and bent, which I had not realised. They will now cut thin fabric so I am pleased and appreciate the explanation on my receipt and the effort involved in sharpening them. I will have no hesitation in recommending you and sending other scissors for sharpening in future. Many thanks to all involved. From Kath Pryce
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Tom, thanks for your swift response to my query. Much appreciated. To give you a little background, the scissors in question were bought to replace an original orange handle dressmaking Wilkinson Sword pair that I bought for my wife twenty eight years ago. These scissors had given fantastic service all this time and although somewhat less sharp were perfectly useful for fabric until I decided to try and sharpen them last week! I managed to blunt a pair of good scissors rendering them more or less useless...! So to get myself out of the doghouse pronto I found Prosharp, initially for sharpening then I realised that you sold scissors as well... All that remains now is to wrap up the old scissors and send them down to you in Cornwall for sharpening! Many thanks Lance
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Lucille Joyeux Darlington - Durham
Hi Tom, I have just received my tailoring shears which you said were bent and badly sharpened. I would just like to say a very big thank you for a excellent job, that you did, you straightent my shears and sharpened them so that they are as good as new. I have had these shears many years and I am about to start cutting another wedding dress, what a brilliant job you have done with them once againg I thank you very much. Will definitely reccommed you to all my friends
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Lucy Keyes Manchester
Thank you for your service. I will use you again Lucy. Tom says Thank you Lucy we try our best
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M. Henry London W14
Dear Tom Fantastic service - rescued my granny's sewing scissors which had not been sharpened for over half a century. And fast! So glad to have found Prosharp. I recommend to anyone and everyone.
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Margaret Kenny Berwick Upon Tweed
Thanks for giving my much loved and very elderly scissors an MOT. Prompt an efficient service.Thanks
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Nicola Clark - Woking Surrey
Dear Tom, I can,t believe that the rusty,rickety dressmaking shears that I sent you have been restored to such shiny proficiency when I feared they were only fit for the dustbin.It is a joy to find such craftsmen who lovingly restore and preserve tools and run such a friendly,professional business and with speed too.It is now very difficult to find people who have the interest and ingenuity to do the work you do.I will pass your address on to all my friends and the various haberdashery shops that I use. Thank you.
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Pam Wilkinson -Atlas Design London
Hi Tom Thanks so much, just received all the pinks and scissors – great job. I will put a cheque in the post today. Look forward to doing business with you in the future. Best Regards
Pat Field
Many thanks Tom for your remarkable fast and efficient service. My two pairs of pinking shears are now as good as new and well up to the job of cutting out 50 metres of bunting flags for my daughter's wedding. I shall definitely use your service again.
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Patchway Community College, Bristol
Thank you for our recently returned dressmaking scissors, lovely and sharp, our textiles teacher is delighted with them! Tom says,We sharpen a lot for colleges and schools over the summer/winter/easter holidays.
Pauline - Kettering Northants
Dear Tom, I posted my scissors monday eve at 5pm to be sharpened, they were back thursday morn at 8.30am.My scissors are fab. what a brilliant and efficient service you operate. This is the 1st time i have used you and i will definately be using you again.Thank you. Pauline.
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Pauline Clipston - Kettering Northampton
Thank you very much for your great service and speed.
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Penny Cole - Watlington Oxon
I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant service sharpening my pinking shears. They are now really sharp for the first time in years and the turnaround was really quick and efficient. Thanks again.
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Phil - Hampshire
My support to you; Thank-you so much for your recent sharpening of my wife''s pinking shears. She was going to throw them away - they were her Gran''s! - as she''d become disillusioned by them. Your service was so good that I''m now sending you her other pair - whhich were her Mum''s - which she''ll then give to her niece, thus keeping them all in the family. Brilliant service, both sharpening & delivery. Thanks again, Phil.
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Phil - Whitchurch
My support to you; Thank-you so much for your recent sharpening of my wife''s pinking shears. She was going to throw them away - they were her Gran''s! - as she''d become disillusioned by them. Your service was so good that I''m now sending you her other pair - whhich were her Mum''s - which she''ll then give to her niece, thus keeping them all in the family. Brilliant service, both sharpening & delivery. Thanks again, Phil.
Professor Jeremy Wright MD FRCOG
The fine surgery required to repair obstetric fistulae requires sharp finely balanced specialist scissors but inevitably these become dulled over time. The sharpening of these scissors is highly skilled as the two blades have to be ‘set’ against each other and adjusted to give the appropriate shearing force. The skills to do this are lacking in may parts of the world and the instruments have to be discarded at great expense as repair cannot be undertaken. Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia had some worn instruments and rather than throw them away we contacted prosharp of Hayle in Cornwall, United Kingdom. They immediately agreed to undertake this work for us and successfully renovated 16 pairs of scissors in little under 14 days a remarkable achievement in terms of both speed and craftsmanship. Prosharp have not charged Hamlin for this service and we would like to express our great thanks to them for the service they have provided which will give us the tools we need to carry out this life changing surgery for these damaged and disadvantaged women. Prosharp we thank you…..
Rosie Corbin - Zeals Wiltshire
Thanks so much, pinking shears terrific, huge improvement. For people like me who curtain make/dress make, a service like yours is invaluable. Glad I''ve got your details now. Rosie
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Royal Opera House Production Costume Department - Covent Garden
Thank you very much for the quick and excellent service. We had trouble finding a company that would sharpen pinking shears for us and do it quickly and efficiently. They are all in a great condition to use now, good as new. Thank you so much, and we will be using you again. Eloise Smith, Royal Opera House Production Costume Department
Sarah - Liverpool
Thank you for repairing my scissors. Testimonial: Wow! Thank you so much, I didn’t have time to miss my scissors before they were returned to me like new - again. Thank you Prosharp.
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Sean - Stafford
Tom - Thanks for the shears and scissors - lovely job! Regards Sean
Susanne Powell
I was delighted to receive my old and loved pinking shears this morning - such a quick return! They are working perfectly. Thank you all very much for the fantastic and efficient service. Susanne Powell (Mrs)
Tailors Shop Alcester Warwickshire
Thanks for a great job. Peter Robinson. We sharpened some very old shears!
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Veronica Zanardi
Dear Tom - It is almost a year now since I had two pinking sheers sharpened by your company, and I have always wanted to take up your suggestion of writing, if satisfied, to let other people know. However, very efficiently, I lost your address, which has just now come to light! I brought my pinking sheers from Florence, in Italy, as I couldn''t find anyone there, to sharpen them. It was the simplest of things to post them to you, they were returned within a week already done, and have since been working away very well. I am more than satisfied - particularly as, for me, it was such a simple thing to arrange, Many thanks, Veronica Zanardi. It is never to late Veronica Thank you
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Woodstock designs Ltd London
Dear Tom Thank you for sharpening our pinking shears. We did not realise it was possible and were going to throw them away! The service was brilliant and they were returned rapidly. No doubt we will speak again. Clare

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