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Flexback wood metal plastics food bandsaw, Dakin Flathers Quality Bandsaw and Bandknife Blades

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Use the dropdown boxes below to select your bandsaw type, length, width, thickness & teeth configuration. To find your correct bandsaw length refer to your machines instruction manual or visit the product care page for more information on how to do this and basic bandsaw selection. Always check your selected length before ordering.

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Flexback High Carbon Bandsaw Blades

Bandsaw Blades in variouse widths band steel thickness and a choice of teeth per inch and sets are available welded to your required length. Rich Carbon Flexback, Hobby Bandsaw, Hardback carbon, Furnisaw, Friction saws Palletband and meat and fish production  Please view the use and application videos at the bottom of the page.

Typically 37% more from your bandsaw.

Superior cutting performance - cleaner accurate cuts

Expansive range of sizes and uses - always the correct blade for the job

Greater durability than leading rivals - increased productivity

Longer blade life - less machine downtime

Maximum operating efficiency - increases your profit

Dramatically reduced operating costs - saves you money

 Usually next working day delivery