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Mora Frosts fire steel
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Mora Frosts fire steel

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The very best fire steel - probably ever




Bring the Fire Starter on your outdoor tour and be able to light a fire wherever you are. Just pull knife back slowly and heavily along with the fire starter. The sparks easily light your barbecue, paper, birch bark or dry grass. ¦The protective coating on the steel needs to be scraped off before use. ¦Sparks of 3000 C° makes it easy to light a fire in any kind of weather. Yield up to 7000 strokes. ¦Illuminates even stoves and gas grills. ¦Works in rain and snow. ¦Since it has a strong spark, it can also be used as emergency signal. ¦Use only the back of the knife. This is one of those times when expensive is better. If you have to use this it means you need a fire and it really could save your life or make a cold wet night a lot more comfortable. To see a 10 year old boy start a fire with birch bark a little preparation and just 2 strokes of this steel visit our facebook page.

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