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 Mora Knives Hunting Survival
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If you work or live and survive outdoors you will need a  sharp robust knife that you can depend on.  All knives in this section are designed for hard work Mora knives are recognised as the best.  Have one in your vehicle, boat, rucksack, belt, coat, toolbox, survival kit, medical box, - the list is endless. When you need a good knife you need it fast and the Mora knife is ready.

 We are proud to be a UK MOD authorised supplier - we also supply P.R.I and U.I.F outlets for UK forces please contact us for service.

 Prosharp is a Mora knives wholesaler and authorised service centre - Trade enquiries are welcome.

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Mora Black tactical
109mm blade
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Mora Black Tactical Serrated
109mm blade
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Mora Frosts fire steel
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